Thursday, May 13, 2010


Directed by Danny Boyle, this movie won big at the 2009 Oscars. I saw this movie a few months before it became a huge hit and I knew it was gonna do well, what an amazing picture! The slums have been portrait-ed very real and harsh. Look at some of the great stills from some of the slum scenes:

The cinematography in this movie is gorgeous. There are a few scenes in particular that really caught my attention. The scene where our 3 main characters find themselves fleeing from the slums in the pouring rain has some excellent photography:

I like how they tell 2 stories in the same frame in this sequence and especially how you can already tell what will happen in the movie. Latika and Jamal found each other, but Salim is the outsider.

The next sequence that I love is where the 3 of them run away from Maman and his men through the railroad tracks. Take a look at these incredible shots:

Here is a still that caught my eye because of its amazing staging. Great light vs dark moment and what a vibrant blue!

Inspired by this staging and blue color I painted a little industrial scene:

In this shot it is all about the bad guy (the dude in the pink). The staging of this shot is very well done. Take a look at the shot, can you discover any significant cast shadowing in the scene? Only 1 right? The bad guy casts a huge shadow really pushing the concept that he is an important person. Really well composed!

Some more eye candy:

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