Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One of the best combat films out there in my opinion. This film by Ridley Scott carries a very unique color scheme. Just look at one of the shots of the opening scene:

Quite a unique color choice for the sky I would say!

I love how this movie carries a very saturated pallet but overall still feels very monotone. The very first opening scene sets the tone for what is to come:

Very terrifying imagery for an opening sequence.

BHD uses a lot of duo tone pallets in its frames that work well together:

The scene where the American helicopters are on their way to the city is very intriguing. You know whats to come but in that moment everything is okay, very very well directed by Scott. All the noise fades away and the scene feels so surreal:

Here is a painting I did from this sequence:

One of the final scenes is my favorite. Again they created a very intense feeling by sound and imagery strongly combined. Noise in the background fades out and the soldiers run through thick smoke creating a very claustrophobic feeling:

I love how this shot has a very Terminator/Blade Runner color feel:

Enjoy some other amazing compositions of this film:

And what shot to end this film. So powerful:

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