Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sean Penn, one of my favorite actors, directed this astonishing film that to me, is one of the most moving pictures released in the last 4 years. The story, the photography, the characters, everything feels right in this film and the passion that Sean had for this project really shows of.

Enjoy some amazing color palettes and framing of the opening sequence:

One of my favorite aspects of this film is the simplicity in the compositions. Take a look at some of these very simple but beautiful shots:

There are 2 sequences in this movie that are worth of hanging on your wall. I actually have a few prints from these 2 sequences. Take a look at the first one:

The following scene, where our main character runs through a herd of wild horses, has some of the best photography in the movie. Very dreamy and surreal looking imagery with great silhouettes.

What an amazing movie. Definitely one of my all time favorites!

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